Course Rules

Beauty Bay – Course Rules

General Rules:

  • All golfers must register with the Pro Shop prior to play 
  • All play must commence from the first hole unless approved by the pro shop
  • Guests riding along will be subject to cart rental fees

Golf Course Etiquette:

  • Please arrive at least 10/15 minutes before your tee time
  • Play “ready golf” (being prepared to play your shot while others are playing) 
  • Repair all ball marks and replace divots


Playing Privileges:

  • All members may play at any time and will be allowed to book 8 days in advance 
  • The public will be allowed to play at any time and can book 7 days in advance

Cancellation Policy:

  • Please respect the course and cancel your tee time 24 hours in advance if not sooner. For larger groups that need to cancel or change the group booking please give 72 hours notice. Please ensure that the number of golfers corresponds with the number of tee times you have booked (as it may be necessary to charge additional fees for no shows).

Power Carts:

  • Power carts must not be driven within 25 feet of the perimeter of the greens or on to tees or side
    slopes of tees. Members must obey directional signs, markers or lines as to the route to be taken by carts.
    Where cart paths are installed next to greens and tees, carts must be driven and parked on the paths.
  • Carts may be prohibited or restricted when ground conditions are such that damage to the course may
  • Must be at least 16 years of age with a full G2 License to rent or operate power carts. (anyone under the
    age of 18 may be subject to fill out a waver form)
  • A person using a cart is not entitled to any special privileges or priority on the course and must respect other
    people who are walking.
  • Members and Public shall be held responsible for the proper use of and/or damage to power carts.
  • Cart privileges will be withdrawn from any Member who abuses rules governing the use of power carts.
  • Only golf carts owned by the Club or personal carts holding trail fee permits are authorized for use on the
    Club’s property.
  • Carts must be in a half hour before sunset.

Dress Code:

  • All members and guests must wear suitable clothing at all times on the course and in, and around the clubhouse. Members are expected to dress tastefully in a manner appropriate to the environment. No bathing suits, no muscle shirt, and shoes must be worn at all time.

Alcohol Policy:

No alcoholic beverages other then those purchased from the club are permitted anywhere on the premisses. We reserve the right to examine the contents of golf bags and other items for personal alcohol. Any guest not adhering to these rules will be asked to leave the club immediately.

Speed of Play:

  • The maximum time required to play 18 holes of golf at our club should be no more than 4 hours and 30 minutes for a foursome.
  • Players should make every effort to keep up to the group in front of them or allow faster players to play through. Players should at all times play without delay. To help overcome slow play, all golfers are asked to consider the following points:
  • Prepare for your shots as you approach your ball on or off the tee and hit when ready.
  • Practice continuous putting. When you are out of play on a particular hole, pick up your ball and proceed immediately to the next tee.
  • Always be considerate of fellow golfers.
  • The problem of slow play will be monitored throughout the season and the staff will take action, as necessary.
  • Players failing to maintain the pace of play, by looking for lost balls or by dropping back by more than a clear hole from those in front, must wave the following group through.
  • When the result of the hole has been determined, players should immediately leave the putting green and proceed immediately forthwith to the next hole.
  • Players are reminded to take great care to repair ball marks on the greens, rake the bunkers and replace divots. Power Carts must not be driven closer than 25 feet from the apron of the greens or tees. Carts must abide by the rules posted daily.

The Club is not responsible for:

  • any loss of, or damage to, property of members or other persons, whether by fire, theft or otherwise, occurring on Club’s property